International SOS (ISOS)

HKUST partners with International SOS, the leading travel health and safety assistance provider. When you study abroad, ISOS provides HKUST students with a 24/7 resource on call, online and even on the ground to help with medical, security and logistical questions, concerns and situations that may arise. So if you need pre-travel advice, a medical referral, lose your medication, or experience a medical or security crisis, please call ISOS for assistance.

Before you depart

Before you depart, HKUST advise that you enter the ISOS portal to review the travel information for the country or region you will be visiting.   Important information about the place, such as travel and medical alerts, recommended immunizations and security/safety notes are available and updated.


Download ISOS leaflet

HKUST also advise that you download the ISOS Assistance App.  The app will give you instant and real-time access to country-specific medical and security alerts when you are abroad. 

Download Assistance App on Google Play


Download Assistance App on Apple App Store


When abroad

To use any of the ISOS services, contact an ISOS Assistance Center from anywhere in the world by calling direct or collect.  While we have designated the Hong Kong center as your primary contact, any of the ISOS Assistance Centers can assist you immediately in an emergency and will notify HKUST of your situation.

Preferred number for the HKUST students, even when calling from abroad:

+852 2528 9900 (collect calls will be accepted)

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