Here are a number of things that you will need to take care of after studying abroad.

Study Abroad Report

Upon completion of the study abroad program, you are required to submit a study abroad report within one month after program completion. Please follow the steps below to submit your study abroad report via the Online Study Abroad Report Form.

Important Notes:

The study abroad report should be your own work, and you should observe and uphold academic integrity. Students who are found to have committed plagiarism will be reported to the University following HKUST’s Regulations for Student Conduct and Academic Integrity.

According to the Regulations, plagiarism refers to “the presentation of work which originates from other sources, including the work of other students, as the student’s own work, without appropriate attribution to the source.”

Academic transcript

In most cases, the host institution will send the official transcripts to the office which organized the study abroad program. Once your transcript has arrived, you will be notified by email to collect it.

Credit transfer

After receiving your transcript, you may proceed to apply to ARO for credit transfer. You should complete and submit the application form to ARO for approval within one month after the study abroad period. For details, please refer to ARO website.

Share your experience

Attend HKUST Study Abroad Fair, that are held twice a year, to share your experience with your fellow students. Your experience will be valuable to students who have plans to study abroad.

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