Winter Study Abroad Opportunities


HKUST's partner institutions as well as other universities offer a range of winter programs. Students can directly apply for these programs with the host institution. Students can apply for funding through the HKUST Short-Term Study Abroad Allowance.  Local students on government TSFS means-tested grant/loan can apply for the SSE/SSEBR to support your program participation. Click on the links on the right for details.

Program List - 2018 Winter

The list will be updated if further information is received from the host institutions.


    • Tallinn University
      Tallinn Winter School

      Tallinn, Estonia

      7 – 25 Jan 2019 (3 weeks)

      Estonian Language
      Russian Language
      Experimental Interaction Design
      Educational Innovation

      Tallinn Winter School, organised since 2010, is a 3-week programme in January, which includes language courses and creative workshops and provides a fascinating cultural programme. Tallinn Winter School has a casual and relaxed atmosphere, yet still maintains a scholastic approach, as well as acceptance of a wide diversity of opinions.
      Program details: Click here

      1 Oct – 1 Dec 2018

      Tuition: 420-720 EUR
      Optional housing: 210 EUR (for 3 weeks)

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    • Technische Universitaet Berlin
      TU Berlin Winter University

      Berlin, Germany

      7 – 31 Jan 2019 (4 weeks)

      Satellite Design
      3D Scanning and Printing
      Start-up Crash Course
      Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

      Courses at the TU Berlin Winter School include approximately 18 hours of instruction per week. Students receive a certificate of the TU Berlin and ECTS credit points on successful completion of their course.
      Program details: Click here

      8 Dec 2018

      Registration fee: 60 EUR
      Tuition: 1,950-2,300 EUR
      Optional housing: 400-840 EUR for 28 nights

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    • Sophia University
      January Session in Japanese Studies

      Tokyo, Japan

      8 – 31 Jan 2019 (4 weeks)

      Japanese Business and Economy
      Media and Contemporary Issues in Japan
      Education in Japan
      Contemporary Japanese Culture & Society
      Basic Japanese

      The aim of this program is to invite university students from outside Japan and create a stimulating learning environment for promoting globalization and diversity. In this 4-week program, participants are to choose a minimum of 2 courses and a maximum of 3 each worth 1-2 credits.
      Program details: Click here

      24 Sep – 2 Nov 2018

      Tuition: 153,000 JPY (2 courses), 173,000 JPY (3 courses)
      Optional housing: 189,000 JPY for 30 days

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  • Korea University
    KU International Winter Campus

    Seoul, South Korea

    27 Dec 2018 – 17 Jan 2019 (3 weeks)

    Communication and Media
    Business and Economics
    Korean Studies and Language
    Science and Math
    Social Studies

    Korea University International Winter Campus (KU IWC) provides an excellent opportunity for students to learn about Korea through academic and cultural immersion during the winter months. In this 3-week program, students can take up to 2 courses each worth 3 credits.
    Program details: Click here

    20 Aug – 23 Nov 2018

    Application fee: 100,000 KRW
    Tuition: 1,600,000 KRW (1 course, 3 credits), 2,800,000 KRW (2 courses, 6 credits)
    Optional housing: 462,000-770,000 KRW

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  • Yonsei University
    Winter Abroad at Yonsei

    Seoul, South Korea

    27 Dec 2018 – 17 Jan 2019 (3 weeks)

    General Studies
    Korean Studies
    Korean Language

    Yonsei University offers a 3-week winter program at its Sinchon campus for international students who would like to enjoy the winter in Seoul.
    The winter program is composed of two separate 3-week sessions, with intensive morning coursework and unique afternoon Korean language and Taekwondo classes. At the weekend, students can enjoy Korean winter activities. It will be an excellent opportunity to catch up with your coursework, meeting professors in an intimate setting, and to enjoy the companionship of students from all over the world.
    Program details: Click here

    3 Sep – 16 Nov 2018

    Application fee: 100,000 KRW
    Tuition: 1,600,000 KRW
    Optional housing: 483,000 - 805,000 KRW

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