HKUST Outbound Virtual Study Abroad
[2021/22 Spring Term]

HKUST offers opportunities for our undergraduate students to enroll in wide range of virtual courses offered by participating exchange partners.



  • Credit-bearing courses
  • Comprehensive courses offered in a large variety
  • Interaction with academics and students from different parts of the world
  • Enroll courses offered by partner universities and HKUST in the same term


These courses are open to HKUST full-time undergraduate students who:

  • are not in their first term nor final term at HKUST when the course is in session; and
  • are of satisfactory academic performance with CGA 2.5 or above; and
  • has obtained endorsement from the major department for enrolling in the desired course; and
  • fulfill additional eligibility requirements set by the specific host institutions listed on the individual program page via the links below (if any).

The virtual study abroad program is not open to inbound exchange students or HKUST students on outbound exchange program or study leave in the term when the course is in session.

Program details

Majority of the courses are online interactive classes, not pre-recorded. Students are required to attend the online class at the scheduled time. Attendance will be marked.

Institution Course Date Application Deadline

The University of New South Wales

14 Feb - 12 May 2022

28 Sep 2021

To Apply

Application Procedures at HKUST

You must first obtain endorsement from your major department and submit an application to HKUST. If successful, HKUST will nominate you to the partner institution. To apply:

  • Review the course descriptions and requirements and select your desired course(s);
  • Complete the endorsement form, discuss with your major department and obtain their signed endorsement
  • Submit an online application on the HKUST MyStudyAbroad system and upload the signed endorsement form to the system
  • You will receive an email informing you to check for the application decision on the MyStudyAbroad system when it is available

HKUST Selection

  • Selection criteria of individual programs may vary. Please refer to their program pages for more details.

Enrollment Procedures at the Partner Institution

  • The partner institution may contact you directly to inform you of the procedures for enrolling in their course. It is important that you watch for their emails and following their instructions and timelines.
  • Please note that the final admission decision rests with the host university.
  • The host institution reserves the right to cancel any courses should there be insufficient enrollment.

Points to Note

About Fees

  • When you enroll in these courses nominated by HKUST, you are not required to pay tuition fee to the partner institution. You continue to be a registered HKUST student. If a course has additional fees required for items such as textbooks, these will be detailed in the course outline from the partner.

About Course Load

  • HKUST students are required to discuss and obtain endorsement from your major department for enrolling in these courses. This ensures compliance with course load requirements and assists students in clearing major program requirements.

About Pre-requisites

  • The course outlines from the partners would indicate the level of the course and whether there are any pre-requisites.

About Course Drop

  • Deadline, procedures and consequences of dropping course(s) are determined by the host institution. Students who wish to withdraw or drop the course(s) should inform HKUST Office of Global Learning by email at study.abroad@ust.hk first.

About Coursework and Exams

  • Virtual study abroad students are not required to be physically present at the host institution to complete the coursework and examination requirements.
  • You should specifically note the exam arrangement as detailed by the host institution, if any. Examinations will be conducted online. Some host institutions require students to register for taking a course exam, and students are responsible to make such arrangements with the host institution. For ensuring the equity, the exam times are standardized for all enrolled students although they could be located in different time zones. As such, students need to be prepared that the exam times may not be what you are accustomed to normally at HKUST. Students should only enroll in the course if you are able to meet the exam arrangements.

About Credit Transfer

  • Upon successful course completion, the host institution will issue an academic transcript listing the course taken and the grade obtained. Note that it may take host institutions 1-2 months to get the transcript sent to you. To apply for credit transfer, you should submit an online application to ARO for approval. According to University regulations, credit transfer applications must be submitted no later than one month after the course completion.
  • After ARO processes the credit transfer, these will be reflected on your HKUST transcript. Credits obtained can be transferred, while grades obtained at the host institution are not transferred to HKUST. The transferred grade is a “T” grade. The grade does not count towards your CGA or GGA at HKUST.
  • For details, visit the ARO website.


Office of Global Learning
Email: study.abroad@ust.hk

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