AEARU Global Learning Initiatives Program

As member university of the Association of East Asian Research Universities (AEARU), HKUST students are eligible to enroll in virtual courses offered by participating member universities of the Global Learning Initiatives Program (GLI).

Courses and Participating Universities

  • Click here to access the list of participating universities and course offering in Spring 2022.
  • Please read through the course information carefully. Pay attention to the course start and end date, language of instruction and enrollment restriction(s) of the courses offered.


The program is open to HKUST full-time undergraduate students who:

  • are not in their first term or final term at HKUST when the course is in session; and
  • has obtained endorsement from the major department for enrolling in the desired course; and
  • are not inbound exchange students or HKUST students on outbound exchange program or study leave in the term when the course is in session.

Application Deadline

Application should reach the AEARU Secretariat by 3 December 2021.

To Apply

Application Procedures at HKUST

After reviewing your application, HKUST will complete and sign the AEARU GLI endorsement form and return to you in 2 working days.

Application Procedures to the AEARU Secretariat

  • Click here to complete the online application to the AEARU Secretariat.

Enrollment Procedures at the Host Institution

  • If your application is successful, you will be notified of the result through email from the host institution, and provided with details to register at the host institution.
  • After you have received the offer from the host institution, please email the admission letter/email to study.abroad@ust.hk  for processing.

Points to Note

About Course Load

  • HKUST students can enroll up to 3 courses through AEARU Global Learning Initiatives Program.
  • Students are required to discuss and obtain endorsement from your major department for enrolling in these courses.

About Credit Transfer

  • The listed courses are NOT pre-mapped to HKUST course(s) and/or credit(s).
  • If students plan to transfer credit from the course taken during this program to HKUST and/or to use these credits for fulfilling major (and minor, if applicable) program(s) requirement, students should consult their major (and minor, if applicable) departments on the feasibility of such plans.
  • Students are responsible to check with the course offering institution on the course/program completion requirement to be awarded the credits.
  • For application procedure and details of credit transfer, please visit the ARO website.

About Fees

  • When you enroll in these courses with the endorsement from HKUST, you are not required to pay tuition fee to the host institution. You continue to be a registered HKUST student. If a course has additional fees required for items such as textbooks, these will be detailed in the course outline from the host institution. 

About Course Drop

  • Deadline, procedures and consequences of dropping course(s) are determined by the host institution and the AEARU Secretariat. Students who wish to withdraw or drop the course(s) should inform HKUST Office of Global Learning by email at study.abroad@ust.hk first.

About Coursework and Exams

  • Virtual study abroad students are not required to be physically present at the host institution to complete the coursework and examination requirements.
  • You should specifically note the exam arrangement as detailed by the host institution, if any. Examinations will be conducted online. Some host institutions require students to register for taking a course exam, and students are responsible to make such arrangements with the host institution. For ensuring the equity, the exam times are standardized for all enrolled students although they could be located in different time zones. As such, students need to be prepared that the exam times may not be what you are accustomed to normally at HKUST. Students should only enroll in the course if you are able to meet the exam arrangements.


Office of Global Learning
Email: study.abroad@ust.hk

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