Term-time Study Abroad Opportunities

Where can I go?

HKUST offers a large number of outbound exchange student places during term time. It is also possible for you to study at an overseas institution by applying directly to the institution. Most universities accept students directly as "Visiting Students" on a fee-paying basis. The applications do not go through HKUST and admission decisions are made by the host institution. You should research carefully about the offerings before committing to a program.

Am I eligible?

Check the eligibility requirements of the host institution. Your application does not go through HKUST, and the admission decision rests solely on the host institution.

Procedures at HKUST

  1. Apply for Leave from Study

    HKUST does not permit concurrent studies during the regular terms (Fall and/or Spring) at another post-secondary institution unless prior approval was given by HKUST. Apply for leave from study is the process for you to formally request HKUST to approve your leave from studies at HKUST during the time period you specify.  When this is approved and processed, you continue to be a registered HKUST student, but will not be billed tuition for the term you will be away.  You must apply for Leave from Study.  Note that this procedure is not required for study abroad in the Summer term and Winter term, and also not required for student exchange programs during the term-time.

    The application should be submitted before the start of the term when you will be away from HKUST. The completed application needs to be submitted to your department. The Academic Registry will notify students of the application results. 

    The Application Form for Leave from Study is available here.

  2. Consult HKUST on course selection

    You are encouraged to consult your HKUST academic advisor regarding course selection.  You can also check about course mapping and credit transfer matters.

    Visit our "Study Plan, Credit Transfer" section of this website for details.

  3. Register your participation with HKUST Office of Global Learning (OGL)

    Please register your participation with HKUST. This would allow HKUST to maintain connection with you while you are away. Should there be travel alerts or incidents happening in your study abroad destination, HKUST will be able to provide support. To register your participation in self-arranged studies, please contact OGL at study.abroad@ust.hk.

  4. Financial Support

    Visit our "Financial Support" section of this website for details.

  5. And for everything else before your depart...

    Visit our "Pre-departure Planning" section of this website for details.

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