Term-time Exchange

What is it?

HKUST has approximately 230 exchange partners across 36 countries around the world. Most undergraduate students at HKUST are eligible to apply for an exchange place and the program is recommended to all students to complement their degree study program.

An exchange program involves:

  • Attending one of HKUST's partner institutions for one term or semester
  • Taking credit-bearing courses at the partner institution
  • Paying tuition fees to HKUST only
  • HKUST receives one exchange student from the partner institution in return

What is my first step to find out about Term-time Exchange?

HKUST Study Abroad Fair

It is a biannual event which happens in March and October every year. Over 100 partner institutions, organizations and offices will take part in this event. Staff from exchange partners, Schools and Office of Global Learning, exchange students, and consulate officials will be here to provide you with advice and information for choosing the right destination.

Fall 2020: 7-8 Oct 2020 (TBC)
Spring 2021: 17-18 Mar 2021 (TBC)

Information Sessions

Term-time Exchange at HKUST is organized by the Schools/IPO. They organize information sessions on their Exchange Program. You can attend a session to find out about the options and application process.

Returned Exchange Students

Returned exchange students or students currently on exchange are a great resource. Contacting them is especially useful for getting advice on the host culture, finances, accommodation and other logistic arrangements.

Where can I go?

Mainland China

The Mainland Exchange Program allows you to learn about the culture of the most populous country and the most widely spoken language on the planet, and get connected with students from all over the world who wish to gain deeper knowledge of the nowadays China.

Click here to find out more about the Mainland exchange program.


From Australia to Singapore, Belgium to UK and Brazil to US, you can spend a term or a year at one of HKUST's partner institutions from over 200 cities in 35 countries/regions.

Click here to find term-time exchange programs by HKUST School.

Am I eligible?
How to apply?

To be eligible for term-time exchange, undergraduate students must:

  • Be enrolled at HKUST as a full-time student;
  • Satisfy the requirements of the School/IPO that is organizing the program;
  • Satisfy host institution and host country entry requirements; and
  • Be a good ambassador of HKUST and Hong Kong

Visit the School/IPO websites for detailed information on eligibility and application procedures:

School of Science
School of Engineering
School of Business and Management
School of Humanities and Social Science
Interdisciplinary Programs Office

What does it cost?

Students who are accepted into an exchange program do not have to pay tuition fees at the host institution. You continue to pay tuition fees to HKUST. However, you are responsible for meeting all other costs of the exchange program. Some of these costs include:

  • Accommodation
  • Airfare and transportation
  • Health and travel insurance
  • Living costs
  • Visa costs
  • Books

Financial Support

Financial support is available for HKUST undergraduate students. There are specific requirements relating to applicant eligibility and program eligibility. Visit the Financial Support section of this website for details.

And for everything before you depart...

There is a wealth of information on this website that is useful for your preparation.  Do review the information before you depart.

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