For Summer Virtual Study Opportunities


  1. Apply directly to the host institution
    • There is no nomination required from HKUST. Students are responsible for reviewing the program and application details and handling the whole application process with the host institution, including application, payment, course enrollment etc.
    • Different institutions have different application requirements, procedures and timelines. Make sure that you follow and complete the procedures as required.
    • The host institution will directly inform you of your admission decision.
    • Follow the requirements of the host institution to confirm your commitment to the program, which may include the paying of a deposit or the full fees.
    • You should also follow all other instructions given by the host institution related to course selection, etc.


  2. Register with HKUST
    • Register your program on MyStudyAbroad system by completing the Study Abroad Program Registration.
    • You will need to specify the program name and host institution you are admitted to.
    • You will also need to upload a copy of the admission letter issued by the host institution, and proof of your commitment to the program, which could be a proof of tuition payment.
    • You will receive a confirmation about your program registration on the System.


  3. Apply for financial support with HKUST
    • After you receive the system confirmation regarding your program registration, you can proceed to apply for HKUST Study Abroad Sponsorship as long as you meet all eligibility requirements.
    • You are required to read all terms and conditions, eligibility requirements, scheme details and timelines before you submit any financial support applications.


  4. Submit proof of program completion and study abroad report for Sponsorship disbursement
    • Upon program completion, upload transcript, certificate, or other proof of program completion to MyStudyAbroad.
    • Submit study abroad report (instructions will be sent to you via email).
    • Check that correct personal bank account details are recorded in your HKUST SIS account.

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