HKUST Short-term Study Abroad Allowance (2021/22 Winter)

The HKUST Short-term Study Abroad Allowance supports participation in online programs listed under Winter Study Abroad Opportunities that held in Winter 2021/22.

1.1 Amount

HK$ 6,000 (All destinations)

1.2 Eligibility

Program Eligibility

For programs listed under the following category. Programs must last three weeks (21 days) or longer counting from the program start date to program end date (both days inclusive) as specified by the host institution and with substantive teaching and learning elements.

If the activity is not organized by HKUST, the host institution must be an education institution/body recognized in Hong Kong or in the home country. Internships and volunteer work are not eligible programs. 

Student Eligibility

  • All HKUST undergraduate students (local and non-local)
  • Students must attend the program on pure online mode and take credit-bearing course(s) during the program period
  • Students can receive only one award either from this scheme or the HKUST Study Abroad Sponsorship (previously known as the HKUST Exchange Sponsorship) throughout their studies at HKUST
  • Students must successfully complete the program within Winter 2021/22
  • This is a limited funding. Should there be more applications than the available funding, priority will be given to students in their final years who have not participated and will not be participating in study abroad/exchange programs nominated by HKUST.

1.3 Procedures

Register your program on MyStudyAbroad

  • HKUST needs to first have record of your intended program of study
  • Register your program by completing the Study Abroad Program Registration
  • Office of Global Learning will review your registration. Once approved, you will receive a confirmation via MyStudyAbroad

Submit an application on MyStudyAbroad

  • After you receive the system confirmation regarding your program registration, you can proceed to apply for the Allowance on MyStudyAbroad by corresponding application deadline
  • Note that your Allowance application must be submitted prior to the start of the study abroad program

Allowance application results on MyStudyAbroad

  • You will receive an email from MyStudyAbroad when your application results are available
  • Please login to MyStudyAbroad to commit to the Allowance offer before offer acceptance deadline

After program completion

  • Upload the transcript, certificate, or other proof of program completion to MyStudyAbroad
  • Submit the study abroad report and feedback survey
  • Check that correct personal bank account details are recorded in your HKUST SIS account

1.4 Timeline

As funding is limited, applicants are considered while funding is available. Students are advised to apply early.


Program registration
Allowance application
Allowance application result announced by

Round 1
(Programs in Winter 2021/22)

19 Nov 2021

28 Nov 2021

Early Dec 2021

Round 2
(Programs in Winter 2021/22)

30 Nov 2021

12 Dec 2021

Early Jan 2022

1.5 Award Disbursement

  • Awards will be disbursed after the University verifies your completion of the program with all courses passed. This requires students to submit 1) transcript (in the case where the host institution does not issue transcripts, other proof of program completion issued by the host institution can be accepted); and 2) study abroad report.
  • The award sum is normally credited to students' bank accounts 6-8 weeks after verification of program completion.

1.6 Terms of the Allowance

  • Students receiving assistance under this scheme may receive funding support from other sources (such as the SSE, SSEBR, Non-means-tested SSEBR or Non-means-tested MES) to cover expenses in connection with the same study abroad program. However, the amount of funding from all sources combined must NOT exceed the total program cost.
  • The safety of students is of utmost priority. For this reason, students should not participate in programs that take place at locations that are deemed to be of high risk (health and/or security). Such programs will also not be funded by the University. In determining the risks associated to a program location, the University will take reference from the HKSAR Government Outbound Travel Alert (OTA) System, alerts/notices issued by the HKSAR Department of Health, information provided by International SOS, as well as travel advisories issued by other countries.
  • Once students are awarded the Allowance, they are obliged to attend any activities connected to the award before or after the period of participation in the program.
  • Students are expected to complete the study abroad program, having taken a normal course load and with all courses passed, and not leaving the program before the official program end date.
  • The University reserves the right to terminate and/or claim repayment of the disbursed award should the student violate HKUST or host institution regulations, or provide false or incomplete information on the application, or if any of the above are violated.

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