HKUST Study Abroad Sponsorship
[2019/20 Academic Year]

On 11 Mar 2020, the University announced suspension of all university-supported travels to destination outside of Hong Kong until further notice. Funding applications for upcoming study abroad programs are on hold.

The HKUST Study Abroad Sponsorship is funded by the University to support HKUST undergraduate students in pursuing study abroad programs falling in:

  • 2019/20 Academic Year
    (Between 1 Sep 2019 and 31 Aug 2020)

(Note: This replaces the "Exchange Sponsorship Scheme" run in previous years by the Scholarships and Financial Aid Office.)

1.1 Amount

  • HK$6,000 (non-means tested)

1.2 Eligibility

Student Eligibility

  • All HKUST undergraduate students (local and non-local)
  • Students can receive only one award either from this scheme (previously known as the HKUST Exchange Sponsorship) or the HKUST Short-term Study Abroad Allowance throughout their studies at HKUST.

Program Eligibility

Covers participation in credit-bearing programs under the categories below:

  • Term-time exchange programs nominated through Schools/IPO
  • Summer Exchange Programs nominated through Schools
  • HKUST Summer Study Abroad Exchange programs nominated through Office of Global Learning (OGL)
  • HKUST Summer Study Abroad Partnership programs nominated through OGL
  • HKUST Summer Mainland programs nominated through OGL (Starting from AY 2019/20)
  • HKUST Summer Study Abroad Sponsored programs nominated through OGL
  • Special Programs nominated through Schools/OGL

1.3 Application

  • Complete and submit an online application on the HKUST MyStudyAbroad system
  • Applications must be submitted PRIOR TO the start of the study abroad program
  • Successful applicants will be informed of the awarded amount on the MyStudyAbroad system

1.4 Timeline

2019/20 Academic Year

announced by

Round 1
(Programs in Fall 2019)

28 Feb 2019

15 Apr 2019

Round 2
(Programs in Fall 2019)

30 Apr 2019

14 Jun 2019

Round 3
(Programs in Spring 2020)

31 Jul 2019

13 Sep 2019

Round 4
(Programs in Spring 2020)

31 Oct 2019

13 Dec 2019

Round 5
(Programs in Spring-special term 2020, Summer 2020)

28 Feb 2020

15 Apr 2020

Round 6
(Programs in Summer 2020)

30 Apr 2020

15 Jun 2020

1.5 Award Disbursement

  • Awards will be disbursed after the University verifies your completion of the study abroad program (with completion of all assessments including any optional examinations/tests) and PASS in all courses taken during the study abroad program. This requires receipt of 1) transcript issued by the host institution; and 2) study abroad report.
  • The award sum is normally credited to students' bank accounts 6-8 weeks after verification of program completion.

1.6 Terms of the Sponsorship

  • Students are only eligible for assistance under this scheme once throughout their undergraduate studies at HKUST, irrespective of the amount of sponsorship received.
  • Students receiving assistance under this scheme may receive funding support from other sources (such as the SSE, SSEBR, Non-means-tested SSEBR and Non-means-tested MES) to cover expenses in connection with the same study abroad program. However, the amount of funding from all sources combined must NOT exceed the total program cost.
  • Once students are awarded the Sponsorship, they are obliged to attend any activities connected to the award before or after the period of participation in the program.
  • Students are expected to complete the study abroad program, having taken a normal course load and with all courses passed, and not leaving the program before the official program end date.
  • The University reserves the right to terminate and/or claim repayment of the disbursed award should the student violate HKUST or host institution regulations, or provide false or incomplete information on the application, or if any of the above are violated.

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