Credit Load while Abroad

You should observe the host institution’s regulations regarding the minimum and maximum study loads per term. It is possible that the maximum study load allowed per term at the host institution is less than that allowed at HKUST, resulting in you enrolling in fewer courses than you would at HKUST. The more important matter is the minimum study load. If you do not maintain the minimum study load as required by the host institution, this could invalidate your full-time student status, violating a condition of your student visa, and resulting in a possible expatriation from the host country.

Adjustment to Length of Exchange Period

The exchange period is agreed by HKUST and the host institution. You are expected to attend the host institution for the agreed term and for that term only. Note that the summer term is normally not included in Fall/Spring/Year-long exchanges. Therefore, you are not eligible to register for summer courses at the host institution.

You are expected to complete all program requirements as stipulated by the host institution, which includes the completion of any final exams. HKUST cannot assist you with alternative exam arrangements, such as proctoring exams in Hong Kong, if you do not complete the required exams at the host institution.

Under normal circumstances, requests to shorten or extend the exchange period will not be considered. You should seek approval from your School at HKUST should there be any special circumstances that require such an arrangement.

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