International Summer Exchange Program

The HKUST International Summer Exchange Program (ISP) allows students from our partner institutions to study at HKUST during our summer term as exchange students.

ISP 2018: 19 June - 13 August 2018
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Application procedures

Interested students can apply for ISP 2018 by following the steps below.

Step 1: Nomination by home institution

Seek nomination from your home institution. Please check with your home institution for the application procedure, eligibility requirements and timeline. Normally, you should submit an application to your home institution, who would then forward their nominations to HKUST. Individual applications without nomination will not be accepted.

For ISP 2018, exchange partners should submit their nominations to HKUST via by 20 February 2018.

Step 2: HKUST online application

Nominated students will be asked to complete the HKUST online application on MyStudyAbroad system. Online application guide is available here.

For ISP 2018, applications must be submitted on MyStudyAbroad system by 5 March 2018.

Step 3: Post-application procedures

HKUST will review the applications, and may contact you if more information is required. If you are admitted to the program, you will need to

    • log back into MyStudyAbroad system to complete the post-application procedures (program payment, special educational needs disclosure, etc.), and
    • submit your student visa application to your home institution, who should then forward the documents to HKUST.

For ISP 2018, all student visa applications must reach HKUST by 23 March 2018.

Supporting documents

As part of the HKUST application, you should have ready the supporting documents listed below.

Your academic transcript

Your academic transcript should be:

  • The most up-to-date version of your transcript detailing the courses taken and currently being taken, and the grades obtained
  • With an explanation of the grading system in your home institution
  • A translated copy together with the original transcript if the original is not in English

Your passport copy

Please ensure that your passport will still have at least six months’ validity from the day you will enter Hong Kong. If not, please renew your passport as soon as possible and send us the photocopy of the renewed one once it is ready.

Evidence of language proficiency

English is the language of instruction at HKUST. If you are studying at an institution where English is not the primary language of instruction, you may be required to provide evidence that you possess the English language proficiency standard for studying at HKUST.

Other Procedures

Other procedures, such as those outlined below, should also be completed as part of the application. Details will be provided when HKUST confirms your exchange placement.

  • University housing application
  • Student visa application
  • Other required forms

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