Getting to HKUST

Upon arriving in Hong Kong, you should first make your way to HKUST and check into the student housing.

From Hong Kong International Airport

Below are some options for getting to HKUST from the Hong Kong International Airport. If you are carrying a lot of luggage with you, taking the taxi directly to campus is the most convenient option.

Transportation Options:

Red taxi (Hong Kong International Airport -> HKUST)
45 minutes
Airport Express (Hong Kong International Airport -> Kowloon Station) + Red taxi (Kowloon Station -> HKUST)
25+30 minutes
HK$105 + HK$220
Bus Number A29 (Hong Kong International Airport -> Po Lam) + Taxi (Red or Green) or Bus Number 91M(Po Lam -> HKUST)
100 + 15 minutes
HK$42 + HK$65

If you are staying at HKUST Jockey Club Hall off-campus, please CLICK HERE for details about how to get to JCH.

From Hung Hom Train Station

If you take the through train that goes directly to Hong Kong from Beijing, Shanghai or Guangzhou, you will arrive at Hung Hom Train Station. You can then take the MTR to Hang Hau Station, which is the nearest station to HKUST. Then, take a taxi to the university. Alternatively, you can take a taxi from Hung Hom to get to HKUST.

Red taxi (Hung Hom Station -> HKUST)
30 minutes
MTR (Hung Hom Station -> Hang Hau Station) + Green taxi (Hung Hau Station -> HKUST)
40+10 minutes
HK$12 + HK$50

Click here to visit the MTR website for details on fares, routes and journey times.

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