Study Abroad Financial Support - FAQ
(2017/18, 2018/19 Academic Year)

Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers. If students still have questions after reviewing the below information, please contact the Global Student Programs Office at gspo@ust.hk.

General questions

    1. How do I apply? Where can I get the application form?

      Applications should be submitted online on the HKUST MyStudyAbroad system.  Students should submit separate applications for each scheme.

    2. Does the University offer any other forms of financial support for study abroad programs?

      You can review information on available scholarships/bursaries at the website of the HKUST Scholarships and Financial Aid Office.

    3. Do I apply before or after I receive a confirmed placement in the exchange/study abroad/outbound program?

      You should apply after you have a confirmed placement/nomination in an eligible program.  Applications must be submitted prior to the start of the program.

    4. I understand that the total sum awarded for my sponsorship/subsidy application(s) could be adjusted depending on the program cost. Where can I find references to the cost of programs?

      For programs that are administered on the HKUST MyStudyAbroad system, program costs are available by searching for the specific program on the system, and clicking on "Budget Sheets".  The total cost available on the Budget Sheet is the cost that the University will refer to when allocating sponsorship/subsidy awards.

      For programs organized by other departments, please check the program costs with them.

    5. How will I know my sponsorship/subsidy application result?

      The result of your application will be availabe on the HKUST StudyAbroad system. An email notification will be sent to your HKUST email account when the result is available informing you to log into the system to check the application result.

    6. How and when will I collect my sponsorship/subsidy award if my application is successful?

      Your sponsorship/subsidy award will be credited to the bank account which you provide in your record in the Student Information System. The HKUST Study Abroad Sponsorship is disbursed to students after completion of the study abroad program.  The timeline for disbursing the SSE and SSEBR depends on when your application is submitted.  Please click here for details.

HKUST Study Abroad Sponsorship

    1. Is this Scheme open to all students?

      This Scheme is open to all full-time undergraduate students, local and non-local.

    2. What is the highest sponsorship amount under this scheme and can I be eligible for a higher amount as I have financial need?

      This sponsorship offers a fixed award. The award is not meant to entirely cover all program costs.  Local students with financial need and in receipt of means-tested student financial assistance from the Student Finance Office can additionally consider applying for the SSE and SSEBR.

    3. I have previously been awarded the HKUST Exchange Sponsorship by the Scholarships and Financial Aid Office. Am I eligibe to apply for the HKUST Study Abroad Sponsorship?

      The "HKUST Exchange Sponsorship" scheme is renamed as "HKUST Study Abroad Sponsorship" from 2015/16 Summer onwards. Students are eligible for award only once under either one of these schemes.

Subsidy on Exchange for Post-secondary Students (SSE);


Subsidy on Exchange to "Belt and Road" Regions for Post-secondary Students (SSEBR)

    1. Are the SSE and SSEBR open to all students?

      The SSE and SSEBR are open to local full-time undergraduate students in receipt of means-tested financial assistance from the Student Finance Office (SFO).  

    2. I am only in receipt of non-means-tested loans from the Student Finance Office (SFO). Am I eligible for assistance under the SSE and SSEBR?

      No. Students only receiving non-means-tested loans from the SFO are those who fail to pass the means test. Students who fail to pass the means test are not eligible to receive the means-tested subsidy offered under the SSE and SSEBR.

    3. Can postgraduate students benefit from the SSE and SSEBR?

      No. The SSE amd SSEBR are only open to students enrolling in full-time locally-accredited sub-degree or undergraduate programs. Postgraduate students are not eligible to apply for assistance under the SSE and SSEBR.

    4. I was enrolled in a sub-degree program prior to joining my current HKUST undergraduate program. During my sub-degree studies, I was awarded subsidy under the SSE and SSEBR. Am I eligible to apply for this scheme again now that I am enrolled at HKUST?

      For the SSEBR: Eligible students can be awarded the subsidy under SSEBR twice at most during each of the sub-degree and undergraduate studies.

      For the SSE: Eligible students can be awarded the subsidy under the SSE once each during the sub-degree and undergraduate studies.

    5. I understand that I should be in receipt of means-tested student financial assistance or for my family to be in receipt of the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance at the time of applying for the SSE or and/or SSEBR. But do I need to be receipients of the same assistance in the academic year when my outbound learning program takes place?

      No, not necessarily. If you are a recipient of the assistance at the time of your nomination to the outbound learning program, you are eligible to apply for assistance under the SSE and SSEBR.

    6. I have previously received the SSE subsidy for participation in a program held in Singapore. I will be participating in a second program to be held in Singapore (a "Belt and Road" country) next year. Can I apply for the SSEBR to subdizie this program?

      No. The destinations of programs supported under the SSE and SSEBR must be different.

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